“Free interactive worksheets pdf with every unique game” | “National culture quiz coming soon”
“Free interactive worksheets pdf with every unique game” | “National culture quiz coming soon”
“Free interactive worksheets pdf with every unique game” | “National culture quiz coming soon”

Ideas to engage kids during summer!

Summer vacations are just right on the corner and most of the mothers have started looking for summer camps, classes, many already enrolled their children; isn’t it? Be it a working mother or at stay at home, engaging children effectively is the biggest task for every mother; especially during summer vacations. It is difficult to match their energy, enthusiasm, pace and most importantly their efficiency. Gone are the days where vacations used to be just going to grandparent’s place. So effectively what can parents do to keep their children busy during these summer vacations?? Let’s explore 5 cost-effective, and easy ways to keep your child’s flickering mind busy during summer vacations.
  1. Introduce Culture to your child: Culture forms the basis of the personality and behaviour for every child but is not focussed upon in schools. This is the reason Culture should be introduced to children during summer vacations. This is possible through enrolling into workshops or summer camps teaching cultural values, traditional dances, art and crafts, storytelling. But what if I said that you can engage your child in unfolding the culture of India through a card game? Well, Indigaims offers the first ever card game “CULTURE TRIP” focusing on Indian artforms, dance forms, heritage sites and festivals encompassing all the states of India. Cannot believe this??? Well not just that, Indigaims provide a unique, one of its kind, interactive set of worksheets pdf based on culture FREE with every game to facilitate screen free learning, bonding, playing, learning and holistic development.
  2. STEM Summer Camps: Enrol into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) camps like that offered by Science City, Ahmedabad; where children can engage in hands-on experiments, coding challenges, or engineering projects. 
  3. Online Language Classes: Learning a new language is a great fun and obviously a great skill. Enrol into an online language class where children can learn official Indian languages other than those spoken at home. Learning cultural and folk song from the neighbours can also be a great bonding and learning activity during vacations. 
  4. Nature Exploration Challenges: Challenges such as nature scavenger hunts, bird-watching, plantation, create an herbarium, or indulge into botanical painting. This would not only improve their love for nature but develop a connection with plants, wildlife, nature.
  5. Creative Writing challenges: Writing is a great skill and creative writing a real talent. Expressing through words can often help in thinking deeper and unleash creativity. Best themes for creative writing can be Indian mythology, folklore, historical event. To impart learning on these topics Indigaims have created unique games based on Indian history, culture, Ramayan, and Indian knowledge systems which can open up avenues of a child’s mind and unleash learning and creativity at its best. By offering a diverse range of activities that cater to different interests and learning styles, you can ensure that Indian children stay engaged and enriched during their summer vacation. 
Let us know which activities did you conducted during summer vacations in the comment section!!!

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