“Free interactive worksheets pdf with every unique game” | “National culture quiz coming soon”
“Free interactive worksheets pdf with every unique game” | “National culture quiz coming soon”
“Free interactive worksheets pdf with every unique game” | “National culture quiz coming soon”
Educational Games

We aim at providing the much-needed knowledge in the most interesting way and what’s better than play??

We promote game-based education to positively influence the emotional, physical, social and cognitive development of children while providing them a stress-free, inclusive learning and playing environment.
Educational card and board game

For creating an engaging, screen-free, play and learn environment.

Free assignments

For overall learning and holistic development.

Teaching and learning tools for schools

For creating an engaging, screen-free, play and learn environment.

DIY kits

For engaging children in the most engaging way while developing their skills.

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Co-branded with Ministry of tourism, Yuva tourism club

Incubated at I-hub Ahmedabad

Indigaims is incubated in I-Hub, under the department of education, Gujarat Government

Our board game India@75 which is also the first board game based on history and general knowledge is featured on the largest citizen engagement platform Mygov.in

DPIIT recognized

Indigaims is recognized by department for promotion of industry and internal trade, Government of India

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Happy Customers

Preeti Patel Vadodara

Ramayan card game is quite an interesting, fresh approach to learn about the Ramayan. What I love the most is whenever we are playing with family we start discussing Ramayan which is the best way to revive and inculcate our culture and family bond.

Manisha Agave Pune

Thanks a lot, Culture trip is very nice and useful to kids for introducing India’s vibrant culture to young children. It can help in keeping them engaged without screens and promotes learning while they play!!!

Ajay Paul Assam

Being a social science teacher, it becomes extremely difficult to introduce history to students. India@75 board game is a great tool to introduce history to young minds and create interest in history among them.

Pooja Jain Ahmedabad

Both my kids are loving Culture trip card game. It has become an almost daily ritual for our family to play this card game because of the repeatability, offline engagement, illustrations and learning.

Ruchi Chauhan Ahmedabad

Culture trip has become a part of our family's night time routine. This game is one of a kind and is a great way to expose our kids to different states and cultures of India. My son studying in Grade 2 was most excited to come across the cultural terms while playing this game as he could relate with them. Highly recommended purchase so far!

Jagdish Rajpurohit Ahmedabad

Excellent concept of gaming... Enjoyed the games with lot or learning about our culture and tradition.

Kala Sharma Mumbai

Board games often offer kids meta-messages about life: Your luck can change in an instant, for better or for worse. But in addition to teaching them that nothing is guaranteed, board games are a good way to encourage kids of different ages to team up and work together — something they'll need to do throughout life. I can always count on IndiGAims to bring creative ideas. I really admire how IndiGAims help kids to know about our country, our culture and history - all this while playing and having fun on top. 👍👌

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